Core Functions of the ACMECS Interim Secretariat

The ACMECS Interim Secretariat is tasked to perform the following 4 core functions:

Policy, planning and coordination

To formulate and proposes policies, plan and strategies, as well as recommendations on areas of cooperation to be focused, to ACMECS Senior Officials for consideration, and conduct academic projects and activities with a view to strengthening the ACMECS’ process and performance.

Conferencing services

To assist ACMECS Chair in organizing high-level and Coordinating Committees’ meetings as needed, on a case-by-case basis.

Project management

To follow up, evaluate and review the implementation of the ACMECS Prioritized Projects, as well as make recommendations to improve project implementation.

Communication Strategy

To prepare and propose communication strategy for ACMECS Senior Officials for consideration, undertake communication activities with a view to promoting public visibility, awareness and recognition of ACMECS through various means and appropriate media and channels.

In addition, the ACMECS Interim Secretariat conducts extra projects or activities as tasked by the ACMECS Senior Officials which deem that such projects or activities would benefit, strengthen and advance ACMECS and its process.